Machine Learning for Drug Discovery

Monday, 6th May 2024 - Vienna, Austria - before ICLR

In an era marked by remarkable strides in science and technology, drug discovery remains an increasingly formidable endeavor. Historically low success rates in developing new therapeutics, compounded by a steady decline in productivity, pose significant challenges. Over the past decade, the machine learning (ML) community has shown growing interest and embarked on pioneering work, yet many of these efforts remain nascent.

MLDD aims to bring together ML for drug discovery experts, innovators, and enthusiasts from the machine learning, biotechnology and drug discovery domains in advance of the ICLR conference in Vienna, Austria to converge, exchange ideas, and forge new paths in revolutionizing therapeutic development.

The event is open for all in the community kindly sponsored by Helmholtz AI Munich. See you there!


Picture of Lucy Colwell
Lucy Colwell
University of Cambridge
Picture of David Baker
David Baker
University of Washington
Picture of Debora Marks
Debora Marks
Harvard University
Picture of Thore Graepel
Thore Graepel
Altos labs
Picture of Smita Krishnaswamy
Smita Krishnaswamy
Yale University
Picture of Shantanu Singh
Shantanu Singh
Broad Institute
Picture of Žiga Avsec
Žiga Avsec
Google DeepMind


All times Vienna local time - Central European Time (CET)

Time Title Presenter
13.00 - 13.20 Opening remarks and introduction MLDD organisers
13.20 - 13.55 Presentation and Q&A Smita Krishnaswamy (Yale University)
13.55 - 14.30 Presentation and Q&A Thore Graepel (Altos labs)
14.30 - 15.05 Presentation and Q&A Žiga Avsec (Google DeepMind)
15.05 - 15.50 Break, career opportunities and networking All
15.50 - 16.25 Presentation and Q&A Shantanu Singh (Broad Institute)
16.25 - 17.00 Presentation and Q&A Lucy Colwell (University of Cambridge)
17.00 - 17.35 Presentation and Q&A Debora Marks (Harvard University)
17.35 - 18.10 Presentation and Q&A David Baker (University of Washington)
18.10 - 18.15 Closing remarks MLDD organisers

How to get there?

The event will be held in the auditorium of Marriott Courtyard Wien Messe/Prater directly next to the Conference Venue (2 min walk).

The full address is Trabrennstraße 4, 1020 Wien, Austria - situated next to the Conference venue. Please arrive early as we can only accommodate a maximum of ~120 people in the auditorium.

By metro/underground: U2 station Krieau (3 min walk).

Organizing team

Picture of Ece Özkan Elsen
Ece Özkan Elsen
Picture of Stefan Bauer
Stefan Bauer
Helmholtz AI, TU Munich
Picture of Florian Klimm
Florian Klimm
Novo Nordisk
Picture of Esther Wershof
Esther Wershof
Altos labs
Picture of Arash Mehrjou
Arash Mehrjou
Picture of Ehsan Hajiramezanali
Ehsan Hajiramezanali
Picture of Marcel Hedman
Marcel Hedman
Oxford University
Picture of Pascal Notin
Pascal Notin
Harvard University
Picture of Sonali Parbhoo
Sonali Parbhoo
Imperial College London
Picture of Patrick Schwab
Patrick Schwab
Picture of Rory Donovan-Maiye
Rory Donovan-Maiye
Novo Nordisk
Picture of Max Shen
Max Shen
Picture of Ashkan Soleymani
Ashkan Soleymani
Picture of Mathieu Chevalley
Mathieu Chevalley
GSK, ETH Zurich
Picture of Francesco Quinzan
Francesco Quinzan
Oxford University
Picture of Stefan Kesselheim
Stefan Kesselheim
Forschungszentrum Jülich

See you in Vienna!